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Compact 1600/2500


Our compact HR1600 Cougar and 2500 Cheetah are lighter, stronger and corrosion-resistant, and perfect for 9 to 13 metres boats.
The HR1600 horizontal winch model was re-designed in 2013, replacing the aluminium housing with composite fibre housing. Being three kg lighter and eliminating the corrosion seen in traditional housings, with strength to boot, this winch has strong visual appeal complementing the modern designs of composite boats.

muir 1600.jpg

Compact 3500/4000/4200


Product Info

• Rope chain combination gypsy for rope & chain combination or chain only
• Manual Override System (MORS)
• Cleat on housing
• Heavy duty dual direction motor in 12 & 24V DC, Hydraulic
• Durable marine grade white gloss finish alloy housing
• Fully enclosed motor & gearbox
• Independent gypsy and capstan operation
• Luxury chromed marine grade bronze / 316 Stainless steel running gear
• Stainless steel drive shaft
• Cone clutch/brake
• Shaft seal
• Clutch release handle
• Installation/Operation booklet